All women deserve to have control over their own bodies and their economic futures. But many of the achievements we’ve made for women’s rights in the 20th century — including access to vital medical and social services, and basic workplace protections — are under threat.

Reproductive freedom is key to the advancement of women and trans people. We need to oppose any rollbacks on the rights we’ve already won to access quality reproductive healthcare and medically accurate sex education. At the same time, we need to continue to fight for open access to family planning services, including safe abortions and birth control, as well as access to affordable pre- and post-natal care for all people.

To address the discrimination and exploitation of working women, we must also promote care giving and basic workplace protections. Census data shows that women are 35% more likely to be living in poverty than men. Legislation that promotes pay equity, affordable childcare and pre-k, paid family leave, guaranteed sick days, increasing the federal minimum wage, and safe workplaces free from harassment will help lift women out of poverty and benefit society as a whole.

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