Join Peter in a campaign for a clean, healthy, and economically strong SW Washington!

So You Want To Be A Volunteer?

We’re excited to welcome you to the Khalil team! We divide our volunteers into two different types — digital and event. Fill out one of the forms below and we’ll get back to you with more information on how you can get involved!

Digital Volunteer Form

"I want to be a social media ambassador."

What's It Like To Volunteer

We whole-heartedly believe in the power of volunteering, and we’re passionate about making social change. We’re energized about our volunteers — and we hope you’re ready to make a difference. We’ve partnered with the same developer that developed Bernie’s volunteer app, which means you can redeem your time spent with Peter’s campaign for rewards and merchandise from the Khalil store.

Here are two different ways you can get involved:


Our digital volunteers are our social media ambassadors. They don’t necessarily take to the streets — instead they leverage their online presence to spread the word.


Our field volunteers host events and “take to the streets” as it is. We’re looking for people who are jazzed about Peter’s platform and are willing to spread the word face to face, whether that’s through volunteering at organized events or traditional canvassing.

Field Volunteer Form

"I want to host an event."

Thank you For Your Help!

Your support isn’t just meaningful to Peter and our campaign for a better tomorrow, it’s important for Southwest Washington. Our communities have been beholden to political and corporate special interests for far too long — your support is your voice saying enough is enough, it is time for positive change. Find your power. Own your voice. Support Khalil for Congress. 

Let's Talk

We ask you to reach out, and we mean it. Khalil for Congress is a people-powered campaign; we cannot find success or effect meaningful change without your voice, your ideas, your support. 

In Clark County? Meet Us At An Event!

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Or, Get In Touch With Us Today!

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  • 9208 NE Highway 99 #107450, Vancouver, WA 98665

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Campaign Information Reach Out!

Get in contact with a live person — we want to know how Khalil for Congress can best represent your voice.

  • (360) 487-9374
  • 9208 NE Highway 99 #107450, Vancouver, WA 98665
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