More than 56,000 people in our district did not have health insurance in 2017. Those of us lucky enough to have health insurance struggle with monthly payments and emergency costs, even when we’re healthy. When we get sick, insurance companies do whatever they can to profit off our illness. We are the only major industrial nation on the planet where healthcare expenses are one of the most common causes of bankruptcy. This is unacceptable.

We must effect a healthcare plan that includes full vision, dental, and mental care. Health is about the whole person. Our health coverage should be too. The positive effects of comprehensive health coverage would ripple through our communities and our economy: issues from addiction to elder care, schools, law enforcement, mass incarceration, homelessness, and worker productivity would all benefit if people were getting the physical and mental healthcare they need.

Quality, no-cost healthcare is, morally and financially, the right thing to do. This campaign will never take money from pharmaceutical lobbyists or insurance companies, so we can work for a healthcare system that benefits people instead of corporate bottom lines.


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