Education is key to individual economic and social mobility, and key to the next generation’s competitiveness in the global economy. Because education is integral to everyone’s pursuit of happiness, we need to give educators and students the support they need.

The foundations of learning are built during early childhood. We can set our children up for success by supporting universal pre-K. The achievement gap that restricts opportunities for low-income and marginalized communities begins to open during pre-school. Let’s stop it where it starts. We also need to move away from high-stakes testing and support holistic education that gives teachers flexibility and students support. Teachers’ right to collectively bargain for fair compensation and support in the classroom is sacred.

Higher education is almost unaffordable. Average public school tuition rates are now over $9,000 per year, an 11-fold increase over the cost of college in 1978. Working- and middle-class families are increasingly burdened by debt, if they can afford college at all. Relieving the burden of tuition fees would greatly increase quality of life for students and their families. We can support those who decide against college by investing in vocational and job training. To ease the debt burden, we must lower interest rates on all new and existing student debt. The government and loan servicers shouldn’t be profiting off the backs of students.

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