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Peter Khalil grew up the son of immigrants. Faced with discrimination at home, Peter’s father came to the United States with $200 and the hope that he could make a better life for himself. It was here that he met and married Peter’s mother, a fellow immigrant. Determined to give Peter every opportunity to succeed, they borrowed against their home to give him the best education possible.

Peter carried his parents’ lessons with him as he graduated from Columbia University and then Stanford Law School. He met his wife, Becca, in law school. Like his parents, however, Peter had to take out loans to fund his education. Buried under a mountain of student debt, he accepted a job as a securities lawyer on Wall Street on the eve of the 2008 financial crisis. There, Peter witnessed first-hand the disturbing reality of America’s political and economic system. He saw the revolving door between Wall Street and government that guaranteed bankers would not be held responsible for robbing the public. After his son Adrian was born, Peter moved to the West Coast.

In 2010, Peter and Becca decided to move to Clark County, where Becca grew up, to raise their son in a place that cares more about who you help than what you own. Peter started a legal mediation and arbitration practice, where he’s worked to help individuals and organizations resolve their conflicts. Peter has also been an active volunteer in the community, having coached Mock Trial at Ridgefield High School, his wife’s alma mater, and socialized guide dogs for the blind.


We continue to work hard towards promoting meaningful change in the state of Washington. All of that starts with you, the voter. Help us bring more jobs, and access to public programs that will bring our community together, as we fight for brighter future.

"I'm running as candidate for congress in washington's 3rd District. We are part of a national movement demanding banks, corporations, and our government be held accountable and work in the interest of the people."

- Peter Khalil

The Groups We Work With

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Khalil in your community

We don’t point out problems; we engage with our neighbors, our communities, our local businesses and listen to your concerns, your ideas, and your hopes. We want to find solutions and long-term plans, not just point fingers or transfer blame. See what we do, and how we do it. 


We work with the community to set goals towards peace, reform, and unity for all those who live in SW Washington.

Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform

Let's spend time towards improving the current justice systems.

A Clean World For Generations To Come

Let's preserve the environment with innovative, sustainable solutions.

More Infrastructure Means More Jobs

Let's improve our downtown and increase access to well paid jobs.


This campaign is only possible due to the hard work of our amazing staff!

Peter Khalil

Congressional Candidate

We Are Grateful For Your Support

We ask you to reach out, and we mean it. Khalil for Congress is a people-powered campaign; we cannot find success or effect meaningful change without your voice, your ideas, your support. 

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