Join Peter for a clean, healthy, and economically strong Southwest Washington!

Meet Peter

The son of immigrants, a graduate of Columbia University and Stanford Law, devoted father and husband, and entrepreneur, Peter and his family have called Southwest Washington home for almost a decade.

Hailing from a small town,  Peter attended Columbia University and then Stanford Law, where he met his wife, Rebecca. After a beautiful wedding in Ocean Park, WA, Peter went to work as a securities lawyer on Wall Street where he witnessed first-hand the corruption that hurt millions of people and threatened our economy. After deciding to raise their family in Southwest Washington, Peter turned his passion for justice into a thriving legal mediation and arbitration practice doing significant pro bono work helping individuals obtain legal services who could not otherwise afford them.

Peter’s commitment to service extends beyond his mediation and arbitration practice; volunteering as a coach for local high school mock trial programs, tutoring underprivileged youth and adults, including ESL programs, and training guide dogs for the visually impaired are all areas of service Peter enjoys.

Business Experience
Attorney, Entrepreneur, Business Owner & Legal Mediator
Legal Experience
Stanford Law School, Securities Law, Skilled Negotiator
Political Experience
Worked for U.S. Attorneys and Congresspersons in Congressional Offices
Community Experience
Coaching Youth Programs, Tutoring ESL Programs, Training Guide Dogs

A bold advocate for immigrants, families, and local businesses, Peter strives to give a voice to those who need to be heard. His work in our community was recognized as a nominee for the George C. Marshall Public Leadership Award.

Running for Congress is personal for Peter. He and Rebecca chose her childhood home to raise their family, living in Vancouver since 2010. Peter understands the needs of our community having had student loan debt, experienced needing medical treatment not covered by insurance, and his son’s asthma made worse by wild fire smoke. Peter values the importance of education, good healthcare, a strong economy from which we all benefit, and a clean environment.

Join Peter as he takes his vision for a clean, healthy, and an economically strong Southwest Washington to Congress!

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Southwest Washington is unique. It has remarkable people, incredible industry, and unparalleled beauty. Help us protect our way of life by supporting Peter as he champions progressive key issues…

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peter's platform

Southwest Washington is unique. It has remarkable people, incredible industry, and unparalleled beauty. Help us protect our way of life by supporting Peter as he champions five key issues…


Healthcare is a human right. Everyone deserves healthcare that is high quality, accessible, and affordable. A woman’s right to choose must be protected and upheld.

Climate Change

We must preserve our beautiful Pacific Northwest with renewable energy, resource efficiency, and a more carbon-neutral economy via clean-energy investments.

Rural Internet

We shouldn’t be punished for having some of the most stunning and diverse terrain in the country.    All residents are entitled to internet access. Help end the digital divide.


Until we put limits on Wall Street, we will be subject to their whims. Banks should not be able to take undue risks with our money. We must rein in the influence of Big Money.


Southwest Washington leads the state in growth, yet outdated infrastructure jeopardizes our quality of life. Starting with a new I-5 bridge, we must encourage growth.

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